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We buy and sell steel around the world. In between, we are principals:

  • we own the steel

  • we arrange documentation that is customer-friendly

  • we finance the operation

  • we arrange a total logistics package.

  • The majority of our time is spent on servicing suppliers and customers.

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Steel: Our Products


Steel sheet that has been wound. A slab, once rolled in a hot-strip mill, is more than one-quarter mile long; coils are the most efficient way to store and transport sheet steel. A rolling mill of several stands of rolls that converts slabs into hot-rolled coils. The hot-strip mill squeezes slabs, which can range in thickness from 2-10 inches, depending on the type of continuous caster, between horizontal rolls with a progressively smaller space between them (while vertical rolls govern the width) to produce a coil of flat-rolled steel about a quarter-inch in thickness and a quarter mile in length. The coils may be of different types like 

Hot Rolled Coils (HR Coils)

  • ColdRolled Coils (CR Coils)

  • GalvanizedCoils (GP/GC Coils)

  • StainlessSteel Coils



It is generally accepted that H.R Rolled Steel which is more then 4mm thick is called as H.R Plates. Plates are normally available in different grades as per the end use like for general fabrication Mild steel is used, Where their is more of wear and tear their Carbon/ Alloy Steel is used as per the requirements. When there is flow of water or chemicals in the use then Stainless Steel is used.

There are different grades of plates available as per their Chemical and Mechanical properties and their use, Some are like the Following:- GRADES;- IS1079grade, IS2062 Grade A/B/C, SAILMA250/300/350 HI GRADES, C-45, C-55, EN SERIES LIKE EN8/9/19/24 ETC, Boiler Qualities, Stainless Steel 200,300 and 400 Series and any special quality as per Customer requirements.



This is a structural material with cross section of 90 degree angle. The dimension is determined by the length and the thickness of the two sides. If the lenghts of the two sides are equal, it is equal angle, otherwise it is unequal. It is used in all construction activity. The most common length available is between 10m to 12m.



Joists have a H cross section and have dimensions in the format of length of the horizontal part to the vertical part in the H. They are mainly used in construstion for providing strength to the roof. They are also used as support structure for bridges.

wire rods.png


Round, thin semi-finished steel length that is rolled from a billet and coiled for further processing. Rod is commonly drawn into wire products or used to make bolts and nails. Product of solid section which is basically round in cross section and supplied in coils or in straight lengths. Wire Rods are also used in making welding rods.

tor steel.jpg


Tor Steel is a very important material in constuction of any super structure. It is chiefly used in foundation and also for reinforcing cement concrete. The cross section is circular and it comes in thickness from 6mm to 50 mm.

Steel: Our Products
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